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Spring 2020

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The Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) is known for their safety and mine rescue excellence, but the association is so much more than that.

MAMI is a small office with a big voice. They not only excel at safety, they also find success in building upon other primary areas of focus, which include:
• Concentrating on Indigenous relations.
• Maintaining a competitive regulatory climate.
• Partaking in industry communications and advocacy.
• Building strong relationships with government.
• Becoming an education and information hub.

The Mining Association of Manitoba attends meetings, conferences, and events that increase their profile and, in the process, create strong relationships to support organizations and communities that share their goals.
“There is a tremendous opportunity in Manitoba” says Richard Trudeau, President of MAMI, “and to achieve it requires certainty with permitting and regulations, capacity from our workforce in the province and competitiveness with other provinces.”

Competitiveness, certainty, and capacity are part of MAMI’s strategic plan to make Manitoba the number one mining jurisdiction in Canada. It is a long-term plan. MAMI believes Manitoba can become a global leader in the sector, characterized by safe and secure operations, a transparent, predictable and competitive regulatory climate, environmentally and socially sustainable industry practices, and trusting stakeholder partnerships, which provide mutual benefits for all.

Mining is the cornerstone of everyday life in everything from healthcare to construction, and from currency to technology. Manitoba’s mining industry is one of the most important sources of wealth for the province, and MAMI has been the voice of the Manitoba mining industry since 1940.

MAMI’s mission is to advocate, educate, and collaborate. They are governed by a Board of Directors, who each represent firms with 40 or more employees in Manitoba. All member companies can participate in MAMI’s policy development committees, which intend to develop an industry position on collective issues recommended to the Board of Directors. Sub-committees include Exploration, Environment, Taxation, and Indigenous Relations.

They are working for their members – for you – to create an industry with strong relationships help reach an even better working standard.

As a member of MAMI, you can be part of a strong, high profile advocacy group with access to 75+ years of expertise in the mining industry. You can connect with other exploration and mining organizations, build relationships with other members and companies, and build your brand with the help of MAMI’s online platforms.