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Spring 2021

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John Deere Unveils Its Powerful 768L-II Bogie Skidder

Feb. 17, 2021: John Deere has introduced the new six–wheel 768L–II Bogie Skidder, a true woodland warrior designed to conquer wet conditions and steep slope terrain. Incorporating the proven, durable features found on the John Deere L–II Skidder lineup, the new 768L–II maximizes productivity, performance, and comfort when carrying hefty loads over long distances in challenging conditions.

“Profitability and productivity are critical in the woods, and as loggers take to new areas for jobs, they need dependable machines that are built with these niche applications in mind,” said Matthew Flood, Product Marketing Manager at John Deere. “With our new 768L–II Bogie Skidder, we’re delivering a purpose–built machine that navigates tough terrain, such as swamps or steep slopes. Providing distinct features, the John Deere bogie skidder helps loggers maximize their potential, regardless of the conditions.”

The 281–horsepower 768L–II features heavy-duty bogie axles, which incorporate large components to maximize durability and stability for long axle and tire life. The heavy-duty axles are purpose-built for tough applications, effortlessly pulling heavy loads and manoeuvring tough terrain. The smooth, stable operation results in reduced machine vibration, ultimately minimizing operator fatigue. Another key feature is the excellent tractive ability and floatation. When combined with the bogie axles, ground pressure is reduced, allowing the 768L–II to work in wet terrain not accessible with a four–wheel skidder. As a result, the harvesting window is extended, adding more working days to the calendar.

The new arch design provides the operator with an expansive rearward view of the grapple and work area, providing excellent visibility. Improving manoeuvrability, the long wheelbase and boom–arch envelope boost reach and lift capability for the boom and grapple, increasing dexterity in the woods. The tight turning radius enhances agility at the landing.

The 768L–II retains the other customer–favourite features introduced on the L–II product lineup. Streamlined and redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems result in improved uptime and increase guarding and protection of key components. An increased grapple squeeze force and two–speed winch further increase productivity, while articulation steering sensors improve the operator experience.

All L–Series II models feature a spacious cab, including ample storage space, configurable controls, and an effective HVAC system. Armrest–mounted electrohydraulic controls offer accessible, hand–finger operation of all machine functions, and joystick steering provides smooth control of steer, direction, and ground speed. The industry–exclusive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) marries the efficiency of a direct–drive transmission with the smoothness of a hydrostatic drive. As a result, CVT provides more power to the ground by sensing the load, increasing torque and tractive effort as needed to maintain the desired speed.

To learn more about the updated 768L–II Bogie Skidder, as well as the full line of John Deere forestry equipment, visit

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Waratah Forestry Equipment Debuts HTH616C Series-III

Feb. 23, 2021: Waratah Forestry Equipment has introduced a new generation of its HTH616C harvester head – the new HTH616C Series-III, which features many new service and accessibility upgrades, and is highlighted by a new main control valve designed to increase performance, responsiveness, and compatibility to a greater range of carriers – including WCTL (Wheeled Cut To Length), and smaller, lower-powered carriers having limited flow.

“Boosting productivity and profitability is what the HTH616C Series-III is all about,” said Brent Fisher, Product Marketing Manager at Waratah. “With a new valve, improved performance, and more uptime, contractors can have confidence in the loads delivered. The new HTH616C Series-III gives more performance from low-powered carriers, and it provides a great option for those with WCTL machines who want a 600 series head.”

Improved Performance

With a weight starting at 1800 kg (3,968 lb.), the HTH616 Series-III features a new, more efficient main control valve that can be configured with various options to fit performance needs on wheeled or tracked machines alike. Motor selections can be configured to complement the new valve and improve feeding speed, with a high torque motor option available to help to increase productivity in the toughest delimbing conditions.

Operationally, the new valve provides improved responsiveness in the delimb and drive arms to enhance grabbing stems, log handling, and improves sawing performance – reducing processing times.

New cast delimb arm design improves limb shedding and can be configured in processing or harvesting profile with a maximum delimb opening of 68.5 cm (27 inches).

The H616C Series-III has optional twin diameter sensors that provide better measuring when small end diameters are critical. Additionally, the head features more length measuring arm travel and enhanced measuring arm responsiveness.

Increased Uptime

Beyond improved productivity, the HTH616C Series-III also has a variety of features for increased uptime.

Hose routing has been optimized to the new valve improving fitting access and easier serviceability, while new optional harvesting guards for the main valve, drive arms, and saw box are available to reduce understory hosing interference.

A new and improved valve cover provides quick no-tools access, with integrated handles and quick-attach pins. A larger oiler filler improves the ease of filling bar and chain oil and helps shorten daily servicing.

The Waratah HTH616C Series-III is currently available to customers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Latin America.

For more information about Waratah, please visit or contact Sarah Larson at

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New Harvester Head for Demanding Operations – Komatsu C164

January 21, 2021: When harvesting in rough forests, an operator can face several challenges. For example, trees that need to be cut from two directions, root flares that are too wide for the saw bar or rough limbs that need to be processed several times. The C164 is designed with these conditions in mind.

Komatsu C164 is a brand-new model in the range of C heads and a perfect match for the Komatsu 951 harvester. The robust head is specially designed to handle large trees, big root flares and rough limbs. Still, it has a design that makes it smooth and easy to handle. The C164 design is inspired by the features of other C models, but it is a completely new head where many parts are optimised for the size and application of the head.

Constant Cut, the saw motor control that ensures that the head has a constant and efficient saw motor speed throughout the complete cutting cycle, is further developed for C164 to handle long saw bars and broad stems. The saw bar position is designed for optimal felling performance and the position of the saw bar is new compared to other C heads. This gives a better felling cut in the direction of the head, which in turn gives the saw bar better longevity whilst also reducing the risk of log splitting. For increased durability and service life the chain tensioning of the saw bar has been improved, the saw bar mount has a more robust design, stronger saw bar clamp and increased bolt dimension to hold the saw bar.

The rotator has a stronger and more robust design as well as a new hydraulic motor and bigger slew bearings to cope with this type of demanding logging operations.

To make the head more fuel efficient, the C164 also has a new type of hydraulic control valve that can handle a high flow, which reduces energy losses.

The C164 is a ‘carry style’ head, where feed wheels carry the stem and the delimbing knives are mainly used for delimbing the stem. The head’s feed system allows good contact between head and stem, which reduces the clamping pressure and makes the feeding procedure energy efficient. Komatsu C164 comes with the option of two different feed roller motors. The bigger motor is standard and gives a high traction force, which improves the productivity of the head. The smaller motor is optional and gives a more aggressive feeding start, but with less force than with the bigger motor.

Upon customer request, the Komatsu C164 has a completely new tilt lock function, i.e., the ability to lock the tilt link at the desired angle, which facilitates access to difficult branches or tree forks. The Find End function makes it possible to reset length measuring without needing to make a first cut and lump a part of the log. This reduces forest residues and minimises value loss. It is particularly useful when processing pre-felled trees.

The head has several features designed to minimise unplanned downtime and thereby improve productivity. The frame is designed and verified to stand the force from heavy operations. Components like the head unit are well protected under the hood. Cast iron is used for strategic components and ORFS couplings on hoses. Overall, the head with all its features, in combination with the Komatsu 951 harvester, is a useful tool for demanding operations.

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FPInnovations Introduces World’s First Ready-to-Produce Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Non-Medical Mask

February 26, 2021: FPInnovations, a Canadian research and development centre, has successfully developed a biodegradable mask ready to be manufactured in Canada and ready for public use. The biodegradable mask is now ready for commercialization by Canadian manufacturers. The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, announced the successful results of the $3.3 million mask project that was entrusted to FPInnovations.

The collaborative research and scientific innovation between FPInnovations and its partners allowed for the successful development of a fully biodegradable mask using its unique pilot-scale paper-machine. In addition of the mask filtering materials, FPInnovations has identified and successfully incorporated elastic ear loops and nose pieces that are biodegradable. An important part of the success is also that the mask components can be assembled readily on existing commercial mask-converting machines.

The green Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mask has been assessed by external labs according to international norms, and would set the standard for non-medical masks in terms of filtration, breathability, and biodegradability. With its unique product design, FPInnovations has also recently attained the more demanding ASTM norms of filtration efficiency and breathability that are required for procedure masks.

“The development of a biodegradable mask clearly shows that stimulating the bioeconomy can contribute to a cleaner environment in Canada,” said Stéphane Renou, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPInnovations. “The outstanding collective scientific and technological expertise of the forest sector has been key to the success and speed of this project, and is proof that together, we are capable of bringing eco-friendly bio-sourced products through the pipeline from research to market within just months!”

Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources of Canada stated: “Biodegradable masks made from Canada’s sustainably managed forests: what a great example of the ingenuity of Canada’s forest sector. Keeping Canadians safe and protecting our environment.”

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Tigercat Adds High Horsepower Mulcher Carrier

December 30, 2020: Tigercat has added to its mulcher line-up with the release of the 760B mulcher and the 4061-30 mulching head.

The new 760B is a 550 hp class mulcher carrier that shares major components with the field proven and similarly classed Tigercat 480B track driven mulcher as well as the popular M726G wheel driven mulcher.

The 760B was designed primarily for silviculture applications. Forestry companies require the capability to efficiently clean up residual post-harvest forest debris and grind stumps to ground level. The 760B meets this requirement and the machine will also find application in large-scale land clearing and ROW projects.

In stable, well drained soil types, a high horsepower wheel driven machine has many advantages including quicker travel speeds, lower operating costs and the ability to run a wide mulching head for improved coverage and wider swaths, increasing quality and productivity. As such, Tigercat also designed a three metre wide mulching head to complement the new carrier. The new 4061-30 mulching head is based on the original Tigercat 2.5 metre 4061, with several updates and enhancements. The 2.5 metre 4061 will be rebranded as the 4061-25 when similar updates are introduced in early 2021.

The 760B will be standard equipped with boom float, LogOn™ (Tigercat’s wifi-based machine monitoring system), ground level fuelling and Tigercat’s WideRange transmission. The operator’s station was designed with operator comfort in mind, with a climate controlled seat, Bluetooth audio connectivity and ergonomic controls.

Tigercat mulcher carriers offer superior build quality, greater hydraulic efficiency, better operator ergonomics and easier access to components and daily service points than competing mulcher carriers. The result is greater uptime and higher productivity.

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Maclean Launches Industry First: Battery Electric Shotcrete Sprayer and Mobile Concrete Truck, Purpose-Designed for Underground Mining

March 4, 2021: The commercial release of the latest additions to the MacLean EV SeriesTM fleet of diesel-free mining vehicles was marked yesterday with a live launch event from underground at the company’s Research and Training Facility in Greater Sudbury. The combination of the ss5 Shotcrete Sprayer and TM3 Transmixer now provide underground mining companies with an additional option for zero-emissions ground support installation from MacLean, either from the new battery electric sprayer and tumbler combination or from battery electric rock bolting using the 975 Omnia EV Bolter, launched in 2016.

The ss5 product launch milestone not only marks the first-ever MacLean battery electric sprayer and industry first articulated EV sprayer specifically designed for the underground mining application, it also represents a complete re-design of the MacLean shotcrete sprayer from the wheels up. This includes a new carrier and a new, ergonomically designed operator’s cab with greatly enhanced visibility and noise attenuation to support in-cab spraying. In addition, new dosing control and real-time thickness measurement technologies have been integrated into the ss5 design to reduce the amount of process chemicals used as well as improve the quality and reduce the quantity of shotcrete applied.

The new and improved MacLean ss5 and TM3 offer the mining industry a solution tailored to the application and the underground environment. The launch of the two latest MacLean battery electric mining vehicles means the company can now offer a complete, full-fleet electrification across the ground support, secondary reduction, and utility vehicle product lines.

Image of the backview of a MacLean ss5 BEV Shotcrete Sprayer being driven down a mine tunnel. “We knew with ss5 design we had a great opportunity to build on the success of the first EV unit MacLean introduced to the mining world back in 2016, the 975 Omnia Bolter, to give customers a complete solution for diesel-free operations within the ground support portion of the mining cycle,” notes Jonathan Lavallee, Global Product Manager for the MacLean shotcrete product line. “Having access to a test decline right in our own backyard in Greater Sudbury made the process of fine tuning the unit’s design both more rapid and more successful in terms of being able to offer the industry a zero DPM, ‘no boots on the ground’ shotcreting solution that delivers substantive improvements in safety as well as installation efficiency and quality.”

“Having an applied research lab to connect the fit-for-purpose engineered design work being undertaken by our advanced vehicle technology team with our manufacturing expertise and underground mining experience, has proven to an accelerator for our ability to deliver tech-enabled mining vehicle solutions to customers around the globe,” adds Patrick Marshall, Vice President of Product Management at MacLean. “When we say, ‘we build for life underground’, this is what we mean – I can’t wait to see these battery electric units working together at mines around the globe.”

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