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Summer 2021

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The Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI) has announced the 2021 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition

will be held at various mine sites across the province this September, in acknowledgement of the public health challenges and restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the press release, this year’s annual provincial competition is tentatively scheduled to take place between September 7 and 17, 2021. Judges will travel to each mine site, where each company mine rescue team will be evaluated against standard operating procedures using standardized environments (courses and structures).

“The format and timing for this year’s competition addresses the need for our provincial mine rescue teams to regularly test their mine rescue skills, as well as the Manitoba government’s requirement to limit large gatherings,” said MAMI President Richard Trudeau. “Consequently, we’ve moved from holding the competition in one location to adopting a similar format to how the competition began back in 1961, when judges travelled to different mine sites and evaluated the local rescue teams against standard procedures.”

The 59th annual provincial mine rescue competition is tentatively scheduled to take place at:

• Tantalum Mine at Bernic Lake on September 7

• Hudbay Minerals Inc. in Flin Flon on September 10

• Hudbay Minerals Inc. in Snow Lake on September 13

• Vale in Thompson on September 16

Each rescue team will be tested in areas that include rescue missions, first aid challenges, firefighting, and written exams, with competitions taking place on surface. This year’s judges are Neil Spencer from Sling-Choker Mfg. (Thompson) Ltd. and Jamie Mortson from Alex MacIntyre & Associates Ltd. – both certified independent Manitoba mine rescue instructors.

Effective mine rescue teams are not only critical to a mine’s operation, they also serve as role models to their peers in an industry that relies heavily on a safety-centric culture. “The mining industry continues to provide some of the safest jobs in the province of Manitoba,” said Doug Peterson, Co-Chair of MAMI’s Mine Rescue Committee. “This competition ensures that the skills of our mine rescue personnel remain sharp and that the industry continues to build on its record of strong safety performance.”

In April, MAMI also announced the appointments of Kristen Lynch and John Morris, both of KiK Partners, to lead the trade association as contracted Co-Directors.

Lynch brings over 30 years of experience combining branding, marketing, and association management to the role of Co-Director, while Morris’ experience includes more than 25 years in government, public affairs, and advocacy.

According to the press release, co-directorship is an innovative approach to management for the association, allowing for the wide range of both traditional and highly specialized ‘Executive Director’ duties to be split between internal operations and external relations. Lynch will take on membership, governance, and association management, while Morris will be responsible for MAMI’s policy, government relations, and public affairs initiatives. Lynch is also President of KiK Partners – a full-service Winnipeg-based company that provides expertise in marketing, branding, digital, government relations, and public affairs, and has considerable experience working with non-profit and trade associations.

“We believe this new management structure and partnership with KiK gives MAMI access to the support and leadership skills we need to deal with the challenges, opportunities, and issues facing the mining industry in Manitoba today,” said MAMI President Lyle Safronetz.

“This new leadership appointment is just the beginning of a strategic shift in direction, resulting in many exciting initiatives and upcoming activities for our trade association,” added Richard Trudeau. “We anticipate increased engagement with our membership and stakeholders across the mining industry, as well as with government, First Nation communities and the North, plus a stronger presence for MAMI in Manitoba and across Canada.”